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Call now for immediate attention: 772-999-5547

Pre Planning Information

To alleviate the emotional and financial burden from their families, many people elect to make their final arrangements in advance. Our experience has shown this advanced planning to be ideal for everyone involved. Pre-Planning your cremation ensures that, not only will your loved ones be spared the painful task of making at need cremation arrangements while dealing with your loss, you will receive the disposition you want to have.

Pre-planning your final arrangements offers several specific benefits, both financial and emotional:

  • Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning
  • Offers you the opportunity to research and compare the costs of final arrangements at your leisure
  • Enables you to make appropriate financial decisions based on the information you have gathered
  • Allows you to control the cost of your final arrangements
  • Guarantees or locks in today’s prices for services and merchandise if you choose to pre-pay the costs
  • Offers the opportunity to take advantage of affordable payment plans
  • Relieves you and your family from future financial responsibilities and burdens
  • Emotional Benefits of Pre-Planning
  • Pre-planning lets you make your wishes known to your family in a clear and documented manner, unburdened by emotion
  • Spares your loved ones the stress of having to guess what you might have wanted done for your final arrangements
  • Relieves your loved ones of the worry of whether they did the right thing or not
  • Allows you to make your own choices without being under any immediate stress or pressure
  • Eliminates the potential for emotional overspending by your family due to grief or guilt
  • Brings peace of mind to your family’s decision-making
  • Relieves your family from the strain of making at least some final decisions during a very emotional and stressful time
  • Gives you a chance to personalize your funeral service according to your own tastes and preferences
  • Offers an opportunity to get your loved ones involved in the planning process and make it a positive experience or “celebration of life”
  • Provides you and your family with total peace of mind
  • Having a plan in place now will assure you and your family of the greatest potential benefits years into the future, when the services are needed.

Pre-planning your final arrangements can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you leave your family.

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    Direct Cremation Fee Includes

    • Transportation from the place of death to our family owned crematory
    • Basic alternative cremation container
    • Refrigeration of your loved one
    • Cremation performed by our crematory professional
    • Securing all required authorizations
    • Filing the death certificate
    • Notifying social security administration
    • If veteran, filing for free US flag
    • Assisting with newspaper obituaries
    • Cremains are returned to you in a temporary container

    Other Fees That May Apply

    • Medical Examiner (fees vary by county)
    • Transportation outside 35 miles
    • Death certificates (fees vary by county)
    • Newspaper Obituaries (fee charged by newspaper)
    • Keepsakes
    • Permanent Urn
    • Jewelry
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